Fredag 25 august

Innovation Breakfast: Can Machines Teach Other Machines
In cooperation with Trondheim Kommune and Næringforeningen i Trondheim we invite you to Innovation Breakfast on the topic of Artificial Intelligence.

Today, machines use Big Data to learn and advance themselves, the so-called «Machine Learning». Is there an opportunity for businesses to utilize and benefit from this technology? How will ‘Machine Learning’ develop in the future? Will machines start to teach other machines? What ethical challenges are we facing, and how will they be addressed?

The event will be held in English.

Publikum: 08:00
Showstart: 08:15
Show slutt: 09:30

Lørdag 26 august

The world of making is vast in materials, methods and imagination driven by creative and dedicated artisans. Come meet a few of our cities makers from time honoured traditions where you can hear their story and ask them any burning questions you might have. Perhaps you’ll be inspired by their Ideas Worth Spreading.

The event will be held in English.

Publikum: 09:30
Show start: 10:00
Show slutt: 12:30

Makers Tutorials
Billettering: Åpen dør
Get in :12:30.
Foredrag 13:00, 13:45 14:30 og 15:15.

Tech, Hugs & Rock’n Roll
This years Tech, Hugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll will be the grand finale for Trondheim Playground and Maker Faire. Detailed program is yet to be released but we can already say that there will be panels, talks, live music and the announcement of this year’s “Community Builder of the Year”. Tech, Hugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll is a reoccurring party concept for all those whose heart belongs to technology, innovation and creativity. Its a loose and informal network of enthusiasts, professionals and aficionados who just meet to hang, dance and have those great conversations.

19:00 Mingling i cafe del
19:30 Dørene åpner til sal
20:00 Velkommen og panel
20:30 ‘Community Builder of the Year’ Prisutdeling
21:30 Haunted Mansion konsert
22:00 DJ set