Midi Controller Workshop med Captain Credible

Daniel Lacey-McDermott aka Captain Credible lærer bort hvordan man bygger midi-controllere. Her får du muligheten til å bygge din egen Midi-controller i løpet av noen kveldstimer.

Du må ha med deg din egen PC og en boks du kan montere midi-controlleren inne i.

NB: Kun 10 plasser!

Billetter finner du her.

Fredag 28. august 17.00 – 21.00 @ Digs

We assemble, solder and program a circuit board that acts as the «brain» in a midi controller. The participants then build or acquire an enclosure to mount it inside. Drill holes and mount potentiometers, LEDs, arcade buttons, distance sensors, light sensors switches, you name it. Until finally at the end of the workshop they have a working midi controller that can control software or hardware synths and effects. The midi controller will also be able to receive midi from and control real world things such as lights, motors, relays and so on.

This workshop requires the participants bring a computer, a box/enclosure they want to turn into a midi controller and something that will send and receive midi (although i can always provide the latter if it is problematic)

It should take approximately 1hr to build assemble the circuit board, 1hr to build the enclosure/mount pots,LEDs and sensors, 1hr to program it, and then it is good to have an additional hour to muck about/refine and fine tune, or alter the designs